Simple DIY Entry Table Makeover

Simple DIY Entry Table Makeover

Simple DIY Entry Table Makeover


This piece is one of my favorite pieces of furniture in our home. I love decorative tables and accent pieces and this one is fun and modern. The best part about this is it cost us under $50 total.

Here’s How I Did It…

I was in need of a new entertainment center/entry table for our living room. I priced several, and the majority of real wood pieces were between $120-150. These pieces were expensive and none of them stood out or were unique.

I love to go flea marketing and luckily we live close to a weekly flea market that always has old furniture that people just pass up. We have also found great pieces of furniture from yard sales and even the trash! I know it sounds shady but people just put furniture out with their trash that is perfectly good, and we snatch it up. We found this solid wood accent table at the flea market, and we paid $20 for this particular piece.

I bought two cans of sample paint from Ace Hardware for under $3 each. I chose to do two colors and give it some dimension. I matched colors with another storage piece we had bought a week before for $5 at the flea market. When we purchased the storage bench it was an old yellowish white. I spruced it up with one coat of paint and some decorative pillows. It is a great storage piece for our living room. Now back to the entry table…

I removed the handles from the drawers and sanded the whole piece by hand with a piece of coarse grit sand paper $6. I didn’t have a fancy sander, and the piece turned out great and took the paint fine. Don’t pass up redoing your own piece because you don’t have expensive power tools. Go for it simpler! After sanding, I wiped the piece with a damp cloth to remove the sand paper dust and dried it throughly with a cloth. I then painted the piece applying two coats (letting it fully dry in between). The next day I put a clear coat of the glossy finish $11 and put the drawer handles back on.

The break down…

Table $20.00

Paint $6.00

Sand Paper $6.00

Glossy Finish $11.00

Total = $43.00

That is it! It was so simple, and such a great addition to our living room.

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