The Must-have Storage Piece for Small Homes

The Must-have Storage Piece for Small Homes

The Must-have Storage Piece for Small Homes

I live in a small Chalet style home that doesn’t have walk-in closets or much extra storage space. I cannot stand clutter or things that do not have a place to go. Everything has a place in my home and nothing is out of place, despite my husband’s best efforts to overthrow my organizational tyranny. That being said, I have had to get creative for storing things and keeping a tidy home. I love my small cozy house and there is something so “homey” about a small quaint place, but to keep it that way, I have to find a place for my rather large purse collection and my paperwork etc. My solution…


Ottomans are a great double use furniture piece for any space, but when you are dealing with limited space they can save you big time. They add an element of design, they provide seating, and they offer storage space. I have 3 ottomans in my home that have a double purpose for storage and seating.

The first one is my purse ottoman. There never seems to be a good place for purses and they take up quite a bit of closet space, something that I can’t spare, so I use this decorative ottoman to hold all my bags. It is in the main room of my home and I use it as a decorative bench that is often used for seating around my fireplace. My friends are always shocked when I open it up to retrieve a bag. It saves me major closet space and clutter. It is decorative and adds seating to my home.

Office Storage

I have a small office in my loft and it is an open space that is also the first thing you see when you enter the second floor of my home. My desk is tucked away in a corner but I have no room for files and file cabinets. Even if I did, I hate them. They just don’t create a decorative appeal and don’t go with the decor and flow of my home. But I needed somewhere to keep my filing and important docs, and I needed a place to sit as well. That is where my next ottoman comes into play…

I had an extra ottoman with inside storage so I converted it into a hidden filing cabinet. It is my FAVORITE! It is so convenient and I never have to look at those filing cabinets and organizers, plus my office is hidden from guest. You can easily make one by adding individual file holders into an ottoman and a basket or other organizational office storage pieces

Extra Bed

We don’t have a lot of extra room in our home for our guests to stay with us, however, we often have friends and family stay with us since we live out of state. This is where my 3rd ottoman comes into play. This lovely piece folds out into a twin bed. I keep it in my main room and use it as a decorative piece as well as seating around my fireplace, but many people have slept on this pullout bed as well. I love that it has a double purpose and adds a decorative element to my home, while still being a useful piece.

These are just a few of the ways I use ottomans to keep my home tidy. There are endless storage possibilities for ottomans from blankets, to shoes, to clothes, toys, I could go on forever. They are great for homes with limited space so find yourself a great storage ottoman and help make your home decorative and organized!

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