Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a lovely decor addition that add a personal and whimsical touch to any home. Adding a gallery wall to my home was the best decor choice I have ever made! Guests always love it and it is a conversation piece, not to mention, it is a fun and decorative way to display decades of my family photos. I’m a very nostalgic person and this wall is such an important piece of my home.

Where to begin…

  • Decide if you want a personal gallery wall of your own photos or just a wall of many decorative pictures and decorations.
  • If personal start to collect your photos in a file to print (you can print online through cvs, walgreens, walmart)
  • If not personal, do you want a theme (entry way, inspiration, family)?
  • Do you want your wall in color or black and white?
  • Rustic or modern frames and decor?

Start Shopping

  • Start shopping for your frames and decor pieces. I always get my frames from Michaels, they have great deals on frames and they are almost always on sale.
  • Hobby Lobby also has a great selection of home decor and frames.
  • Buy the proper picture hanging supplies (For light pictures I love Command Hooks they are super easy to remove without damaging the wall and can be used on frames without back hangers)

Plan Your Wall 

  • On the wall you’ve chosen for your gallery wall decide how much room you would like to take up and if you are going all the way to the floor
  • Lay out and arrange your wall on the floor before you start hanging to make sure you like the arrangement and to move and adjust to get the right puzzle-like layout. I rearranged mine many times before I got it just right.
  • Start hanging! I hung one piece at a time leaving my layout on the floor for reference.

It is a super easy and fun project that can make a lovely addition to any home. It is affordable and personal and can add a focal point to a room, hallway, or stairway.

Quick Home Staging Tip: If you plan to sell your home soon, opt for a non-personal gallery wall. It is more appealing to buyers to see generic decor than personal pictures when home shopping.

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