The Important Decor Features Your Room Is Missing

The Important Decor Features Your Room Is Missing

Often times there is a room in your home that feels like it’s only purpose is to connect to another room. You walk into this room and your eyes keep going. These rooms often collect junk or feel cluttered because they are lacking purpose. Here are a few tips to quickly fix up a room that is feeling left out.

First and Foremost…Focal Point

Every room needs a focal point. Somewhere enjoyable and catchy that your eyes go to when you walk into a space. A focal point can be whatever you choose and can be added or a part of the architecture, such as a fireplace. Without a focal point, a room doesn’t draw you in to stay. An affordable and quick focal point for any room is a chandelier.


If a room is feeling dull a simple paint change  can do so much for the room. All white rooms have no dimension and even adding a basic neutral can liven them up. Paint can also be a great way to add a focal point to your room…think accent wall in a bright bold color.

Furniture Placement

A common furniture mistake is to outline the room in furniture. This can be great on a small room, but for larger rooms they loose their cozy and complete feel. Furniture should be arranged to create separation and spaces in a room. If your room doesn’t have that cozy feel consider arranging your furniture in a closed fashion such as a circular or square shape that closes it in and makes that area its own.


Curtains can be a quick fix to a room that feels like it is missing something. They can add warmth and color to a room and can even be a focal point depending on the ones you choose.

Area Rug

Area rugs help make a room feel warm and together. They help create the shape and arrangement of furniture and can also provide an accent or color to a neutral room.

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