5 Target Storage Must-Haves

5 Target Storage Must-Haves

As if you needed another reason to stroll through Target for hours…here are my favorite storage must-haves for organizing your home in style. 


These are a must-have storage item from Target. I have many of these in my home and have used them as book shelves, office storage, tv stands, and my favorite is shoe storage. It is a great way to organize and display shoes without taking up all your closet floor space. They are versatile and easy to put together, plus you can buy decorative storage inserts of different sizes for these shelves.

Storage Cabinets

These little cabinets are awesome! I used these cabinets while decorating an apartment with a small kitchen that didn’t have a pantry. These were used as a storage pantry and held a lot of items. I have used them many times while decorating. What I love about them is that they are thin and can fit under shelves and in narrow areas without getting in the way. They are a great storage choice for small spaces like apartments.

Storage Cart

I love these storage carts from Target and I have used them in many decorating projects. They are great space savers and I have used them in bathrooms and kitchens. They fit in small spaces and are great for additional storage plus they are on wheels!

Storage Bin with Drawers

These storage bins are a classier look on the typical plastic bins that are less than charming. They have a whicker like appearance and come in some lovely colors. They go great in any room but I prefer to use them as office storage as they fit under a desk and add a nice pop of color to an office.

Media Center

This is a great media console or TV stand because it has a lot shelves and storage space. You can use these shelves for books, keepsakes, gaming consoles, storage bins, etc. 


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