Organizing Your Linen Closet

Organizing Your Linen Closet

If you are like me, sometimes closets turn into an abyss of clutter that you throw things into and close the door quickly. When our schedules are busy it is everything we can do just to keep the walkways clear and the dishes clean, but there is nothing like a clean and organized closet where you can actually find what you’re looking for. So give yourself a little time and reorganize that closet that has been giving you anxiety. Mine only took me about an hour.

Throw Things Out

First things first, throw out old, expired, and unused products. This is always the first thing I do when starting any organizational project. It will make it easier to reorganize what you are keeping, and chances are there is a lot of stuff you can get rid of to lighten your load. For instance about half of my medications were expired.

Make It Functional

When reorganizing a space make sure it is functional. For instance don’t put something you use everyday like towels or lotion on the top shelf, instead put something you use less frequently like meds or nail polish up higher. Also make sure you can reach what you need and don’t have to move things to get to other items.

Group Like Items

Keep all your like items together and order things that are expiring first near the front. It is helpful to use a basket or other container to group like items and keep it organized. I used a crate, an old vase, and even gift boxes. Another favorite of mine for organization in closets with shelves is a Lazy Susan.


I love labels! I just think they make it look cleaner and help keep things in their place. Also, this is the linen closet for my guest bathroom so I like to make sure it is easily accessible. I made my own labels easily and printed them on sticker paper just make sure they won’t ruin the surface of your shelves.

Final Thoughts

Make sure your closet is easy to maintain so you are not organizing it every week. Also folding towels nicely and taking toilet paper out of plastic, etc… really makes a difference. If you’re like me, even if you don’t look at it everyday, if it is messy or unattractive it will drive you insane, so give yourself a little break to update that closet that has been on your mind.

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