The Must-Have App for Clean Eating

The Must-Have App for Clean Eating

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic. Phosoric acid. Butylated hydroxytoluene. You’ve probably never heard of these ingredients and probably couldn’t pronounce them, but you’ve more than likely consumed them. Maybe even today. Hey, whats wrong with that? You’ve probably never heard of xylitol or polyphenols either, but the difference between these ingredients and the ones mentioned above is immensely important to understand.

Knowing what you are consuming is the key to maintaining your health. It sounds silly because of course we know what we are eating, but there are ominous ingredients added to your food that you might not be aware of.

For instance, butylated hydroxytuluene (BHT), is a synthetic preservative added to common foods like cereal to keep the oils from spoiling. According to an article in Eating Well magazine, it is being studied as a possible cancer-causing carcinogen. This is only one of the many additives that has a negative agenda. But I wouldn’t have known what ingredients to look out for if it wasn’t for the help of a handy app called, Fooducate.


When I buy a product I have a list of ingredients to avoid here are a few…

  • BHT
  • BHA

It took me years to learn and understand about products I didn’t want to consume. And if you’re like me, when your doing your weekly grocery shop you don’t have time to read ingredient backs on each product. Let alone try and understand what these products are and what affects they have on your body. The struggle is real, and it was real for me until I discovered the Fooducate App.

Educate before you buy

This is an incredible app that has come so far since I started using it over 5 years ago. It is an app that allows you to scan food product barcodes to receive a letter grade for each product. It gives you a quick run down of why it received the grade it did, and explains the ingredients and what their positive or negative affects are. It is super quick and handy in the grocery store. It also allows you to see alternative products and build your own list of commonly bought items. It even comes with a health tracker.

I go through the store and scan a product, if it receives a B or higher I will buy it, if it receives a C or lower, I will not. It has simplified my grocery shopping so much over the years! It would be my favorite app for simplifying your grocery shop and ensuring you are buying food products that are beneficial not harmful. Go download this free app now! Click Here

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