THINX a Must-Have Product for Women

THINX a Must-Have Product for Women

It isn’t always easy being female. One thing I think all women would agree upon, is one of the most challenging aspects of being female: periods. Sure, we’ve adapted and learned to cope with the unpleasant use of feminine products that if misused, could result in life-threatening circumstances. Not to mention trying to find a feminine product that isn’t soaked in chemicals, is biodegradable, and doesn’t cost a fortune. It’s tough stuff being a woman. And if that isn’t bad enough, there are women all over the world who don’t even have access to any of these products and are left to their own devices. Some even banished for a dreadful process that gives us the highest power a human being can possess…the ability to grow a human inside of us! But there is hope…THINX! To get $10 off your first order click here

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THINX (The Product That Changed My Life)

One night while scrolling Facebook on my phone, I saw an ad for THINX, the period underwear. On their website, it says, “Period proof underwear that keep you dry and #leakfree.” Now I’ve tried my fair share of Facebook advertised fails. So, when I started reading about THINX, I was more than skeptical about their effectiveness. How could there possibly be an underwear that keeps you dry during your period? And more than that, an underwear that keeps you dry during your period that is thin, stylish, and comfortable. It was more than my brain could handle during my nightly scrolling session.

I THINX I Need These

I decided I had to try THINX. I kept seeing them advertised and read reviews that were positive and reassuring.  I decided to buy one pair just to try them out. Another perk is that they do offer a discount if you buy a whole cycle set, and they also offer a 60 day trial period which is awesome! So there is no excuse for not giving them a try, and I did. That is when my life was changed forever…. Sorry for the drama, but that is how much I love this product!

The Trial

After receiving them I just kept staring at them on my dresser thinking, no way. I started my period, and I would say mine are moderate/heavy and the first three days typically require several tampons and a maxi pad over night. On my second day, I worked up the nerve to try them while I was going to be home because I was sure it was going to end badly. Well, I was surprisingly proved wrong! I wore them from 5 p.m. until 6 a.m. the next morning! What kind of sorcery is this?!?! I was in shock! Just ask my husband who had to hear about them for the next week! My only complaint was that I hadn’t bought more! So here’s whats up…

  • They come in a variety styles like cheeky, sport, and even thong!
  • They are machine washable
  • The have a thin material that fights bacteria and absorbs liquid keeping you clean and dry
  • They come with a guide based on the style you choose that lets you know how many tampons worth the particular pair can hold
  • They come in beige or black, and no you don’t see anything!
  • They are also available in 100% cotton
  • They are comfortable and thin
  • Build a cycle set and receive a discount
  • Every pair you buy contributes to the THINX Foundation to help girls around the world

Final Thoughts

This product is revolutionizing the feminine product world! I am not sure why we are not seeing this product advertised in more mainstream media! This product might seem pricey at first, but when you think of the fact that you can eliminate the high monthly costs of feminine products and be more comfortable, they are well worth their cost! This is one product that every female truly needs to simplify their daily lives! Do yourself a favor and try a pair.. You won’t regret it! To get $10 off your first order click here


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