Tips for Successful Juicing

Tips for Successful Juicing

So, of course you’ve heard of the juicing craze, and maybe even tried it before. If you’re new to juicing, or have tried before and failed, these are the tips and tricks that have made me a successful juicer.

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Invest In A Good Appliance

This suggestion is number 1 because it is probably the most important. If you don’t have a reliable juicer you are going to end up frustrated, full of pulp, and lacking nutrients. Cheap juicers are often made of less durable materials that don’t last long. They are not as efficient in extracting all the juice which can lead to excess use of produce, and in turn increase your cost. The motor heats up to extract the juice, a process that destroys the nutrients in produce.

Juicers are on the pricey side, but when you choose to invest in a quality appliance, you will not be disappointed. I highly suggest choosing a cold press juicer that preserves the nutrients in your produce. You can’t go wrong with Breville, they make quality juicers that are quick, efficient, and quiet. I use Breville’s “The Juice Fountain, Cold,” everyday. It is fast and the juice remains cold through the process. It is made of durable materials and is easy to clean!

Stick To Three Ingredients

If there is one way to ensure you can be a successful juicer and stick to juicing, it is that you keep it simple. You will see countless juicing recipes that look fancy and sound great, but in reality they are not reasonable on a daily basis because they contain many ingredients. Here are some problems with this…

  1. Produce is expensive
  2. Produce goes bad quickly
  3. Too many ingredients makes the juicing prep and process long (Not something you want in the morning before work!)

If you want to succeed at juicing start with 3 ingredients per juice. I also recommend choosing one juice flavor per week. This keeps shopping simple and your grocery bill down, while also keeping the prep and process quick. Click here for some delicious, healthy 3 ingredient juice recipes to get you started!

Use The Proper Method of Storage

The next tip applies if you are going to make your juice ahead of time. Some people prefer to juice ahead, but it is important to note that the life span of the juice depends on the quality of the produce and the jars being used to store the juice. As soon as oxygen gets to the juice, it starts to lose its nutrients. It is best to drink the juice right away, but in our busy lives this is not always possible. So if you must juice ahead I recommend only juicing a day in advance and using an air-tight sealed jar or glass bottle. You can find my favorite bottles for juicing here. It is important to fill the juice as full as you are able, in order to minimize the amount of air in the jar. Store the jar in the fridge until you are ready to consume.

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