Why You Should Switch to Wool

Why You Should Switch to Wool

Wool. Dryer. Balls. Rock. I have been using them for a while now and can’t believe I ever went without. For years I have been trying to keep my laundry free of chemicals, static, and smelling good without artificial fragrance. I never realized just how harmful dryer sheets were. Fragrance on the sheets coat our laundry in a waxy chemical. These chemicals can have some serious affects on our health, not to mention they are expensive, and I seem to go through them so quickly. On top of that dryer sheets can’t be recycled! If that isn’t reason enough… here’s why I switched to wool

100% Wool

100% Wool means they are hypoallergenic and have antibacterial properties that help kill germs making laundry even cleaner, also they do not breed bacteria when wet, preventing any mildew or mold growth.

Absorb Liquid

By absorbing liquid they help to dry laundry faster. Before my wool dryer balls, I would turn the dryer on 2-3 times before the load was actually dry. Now it only takes one cycle to dry the load. This saves you time, money, and energy.

Life Span

Wool dryer balls are designed to last 5-8 years and 1000’s of loads. Being that they cost under $20, dryer balls are well worth the money for their incredible life span!

Eco Friendly

These balls are 100% biodegradable! This is very important considering most dryer sheets are not even recyclable.

Essential Oil

If you are used to using scented dryer sheets, just add a few drops of pure essential oils onto the wool balls. I typically do 2 drops of lavender per ball. My laundry always smells lovely.


The balls also reduce static and soften clothes just like traditional dryer sheets. I have had no problems with static or cling since using wool.

Dryer balls are a must-have when working towards a chemical free home and body. They can be purchased many places online, click here for these adorable ones form amazon, and can be found in some stores and boutiques. If you are up to the challenge, you can even make your own. Before purchasing wool dryer balls, make sure you are getting them from a reputable supplier that is using 100% Sheep’s Wool with no additives, and that meet the criteria above.

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