Are You Blogging Legally?

Are You Blogging Legally?

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Below is my honest review of The Legal Bundle from Amira Law

You have probably read a lot of informative posts about blogging or starting your own website. I know I must have read over a hundred before I started my blog. There is a great deal to learn and so many great resources out there. That is why I was amazed that it wasn’t until I started my 2nd blog, which had been live for 5 months, before I read about legally protecting myself and my blog. 

Sure, I had read the basics of disclosing an affiliate link or protecting your work with a copyright, but I didn’t realize the vast importance of legal documents on my blog, until I found the Legal Bundle from Amira Law. If you’re like me, and you are just beginning your blogging journey, you might think legal documents are just for large blogs. However, the reason you see those legal documents on blogs with large followings is because they know the importance of legally protecting yourself and your business. 

Why You Need Legal Protection

1. Well first off, you are legally obligated to have a Privacy Policy on your website that informs your viewers of how you use and collect their information when they visit your website. Every time someone visits your website personal information is collected as you have probably noticed if you use analytics, or even more so, if you have a subscription email list. So in order to protect yourself from legal liability, you must have a privacy policy posted on your website before you go live to the public.

2. The next document you need on your website is a Disclaimer. This one is super important to me as a blogger who often puts out content that is health related. A disclaimer protects you by informing your viewers that the information you publish is for informational use only and not to be taken as advice. This protects you from lawsuits against you and your website if something you post is relied upon without the same results or ideal turn out.

Another super important aspect to the Disclaimer is the disclosure of affiliate links and relationships. It is required by the Federal Trade Commission that you disclose your affiliate relations and how they are used.

3. Another must have document to protect yourself and website is a Terms and Conditions. This document serves to protect your website from copyright, gives you the right to terminate anyone’s use of your website, limits your liability for errors in your content, explains your refund and return policies, and explains your dispute resolution process and where it would be handled legally. This last point was reason alone for me to purchase the Legal Bundle for my website. The mere thought that someone from far away could file a lawsuit against me resulting in me having to travel to their state to carry out legal proceedings is terrifying. 

Why You Need The Legal Bundle

So now that you know why you need to legally protect your blog, lets talk about why you need the Legal Bundle. There are many free templates out there to create your own legal documents, however, not only are they incredibly time consuming, but Amira, a professional lawyer and blogger, has audited many of these free documents and found significant errors in protecting your site to the full extent.

When I found the Legal Bundle I wanted to shop around to make sure I was getting the best deal and was astonished to see other lawyers online charging the same price or more for ONE document. Amira offers the whole bundle (Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions, plus 9 awesome bonuses included in the bundle) for the same price!! 

This is the first big investment I have made for my blog so I take it very seriously when I offer it up to other bloggers. I have gotten by for a long time on figuring it out on my own with free templates, but when it comes to legal documents, it is just one area where I can’t afford (really I can’t afford to be sued) an error.

Even better, once you purchase your bundle you can download it right away and it only took me about 15 minutes total to fill in and add to my website. Amira has all the areas that need to be personalized highlighted and even has a key before each document to make it quick and easy to fill in. It is truly a must have product that is definitely worth your investment.

So don’t wait to protect yourself and your hard work! Working for yourself should be fun! It shouldn’t be filled with worry that your website isn’t legal or that someone might file a lawsuit against you for sharing what you love. Get your Legal Bundle here and protect your hard work!

Awesome Bonuses

As if the Legal Bundle wasn’t great enough…there are two great resources for new bloggers that come along with it.

  1. A Generous Affiliate Program: After you purchase your bundle, you can become an affiliate for Amira who has a super generous affiliate program.
  2. Facebook Group: Amira’s blog has a Facebook group for bloggers to connect and promote one another. I have joined so many Facebook groups for bloggers that have been so disappointing, but Amira’s group has been so helpful! She gives daily opportunity to share content, pins, social media sites, and more to help one another and gain followers, comments, share, re-pins, and more! The members are supportive, and it is a great resource for bloggers and online businesses.

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