Designing a Small Space Nursery

Designing a Small Space Nursery

For me there was nothing more exciting than planning and designing my nursery! I found it to be so relaxing and joyful to create a loving space for my daughter. It is definitely overwhelming at first because there are so many things to plan and prepare for baby that it can seem like a huge undertaking, especially when you are super pregnant!

One obstacle that can make the nursery planning a little trickier is if you have a small space. There are so many products and furniture pieces that are marketed to parents-to-be that you would need huge bedrooms and a large house to accommodate all of these items. However, the reality is that most of us have humble living spaces, that are perfect for our new addition and we don’t need to sacrifice beautiful nurseries or designing your dream nursery just because you have a smaller space to work with.

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The Crib

The first choice to make in designing your nursery, especially if you are short on space, is to choose your crib. The crib is the main focal point of your nursery, and will probably be the largest thing in the room (they are much bigger than they appear)! Because the crib is the main element of your nursery you want to make sure you love it and it fits your needs as well as style. There are many cribs that come with storage some underneath or with attached drawers. That is something that can come in handy in a small nursery.

I chose to go with a crib that had a changing table attached with three storage drawers in front as well as shelves along the side. This was important to me because it saved space and gave me extra storage. 

Skip the Furniture

When designing a small space nursery if there is one thing that can be spared it is all the large baby furniture. If you have a closet there is no need for a large dresser or armoire. These pieces take up so much room and can really crowd the space. We added storage cubes to our closet and stored all the clothes, diapers, and even our bath in our small closet. Baby clothes are tiny and you really don’t need large furniture.

Instead of a full size dresser that takes up a great deal of room…we found the lovely little accent chest pictured above at Hobby Lobby that fit our nursery beautifully and was much more affordable than buying a furniture set. This gave the room balance and character, while also providing storage for hats, mittens, cloths, towels, etc. It also gave me a place to put my humidifier and soother, but unlike a dresser was much more narrow and fit my small space nursery.

Hang What You Can!

There are many opportunities in your nursery to hang things to save space without sacrificing what you want or need. Hanging book shelves is a great space saver. I wanted to keep my books in the nursery but didn’t have room for a book shelf, so we hung the shelves instead. This saved space and was also decorative and fun! Just be sure to anchor book shelves and really anything that you hang in a nursery!!!

We also hung cute storage hooks to keep things out of the way like my diaper bag, towels, and other travel items. Having toy bags also saves a lot of space and can hold stuffed animals and other toys.

We didn’t want a large toy box so we hung the stuffed animals in a toy bag and opted for these cute storage cubes that were small and adorable.

Skip the Rocker

Rocking chairs and gliders are nice, but they take up a ton of space in your nursery. For us it would have cluttered our nursery, but we felt we still needed a way to rock our baby. We didn’t have room for a rocker in our bedroom either so we choose to go with a RockerMama Ready Rocker. It is a portable back support that allows you to rock from pretty much any chair or bed. It can be used in our bedroom, but also taken to other rooms of the house, as well as while traveling. This is a huge space saver for us and adds more convenience than a traditional rocker.

Final Thoughts

I hope these tips can help you plan and execute your dream nursery in a small space. I love my nursery and find that less is more! I have everything I need and the space feels warm but free of clutter. I hope your nursery turns out to be everything and more! 


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