Must-Have Toys for Infants

Must-Have Toys for Infants

When I became a mom I was surprised at how soon my daughter was enjoying and reacting to toys. Almost immediately you can introduce toys and tummy time to your baby if they are interested. There are some really awesome toys for infants to learn and play that support their development. 

 Below I have compiled a list of our favorite learning toys that are affordable and fun! An added bonus is that they can all be found on Amazon and easily added to your baby registry! 

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Activity Mat

An activity mat like this one from baby Einstein is a great place to introduce your little one to playtime and tummy time. Find it here

Musical Turtle

This musical turtle is a must! It is great to work on tracking with your baby as it moves and plays music and it is very engaging. As they get older it has more learning features and offers both English and Spanish! Find it here

Flip Fish

This fish is by far my daughters favorite toy. It is colorful, has multiple textures, and has pictures under the scales for a peek-a-boo style toy. Find it here


Rattles are probably the most important infant toy because they are the first toy you are able to get their attention with. Having a great set of rattles will come in handy for play time and for distracting your baby during a crying fit. I love this set of rattles because it comes with a large variety of rattles and they are noisy! They are great for working on tracking and engaging baby! They are non toxic, BPA free, can be sterilized and come with a carrying case! Find them here

Baby’s First Fish Tank

This toy is great because it offers small easy to grab toys that have different textures and make different sounds. Great for working on grabbing and holding skills. Find it here

Wonder Wheel 

This spinning wheel is a great visual toy for baby. Besides its bright colors it contains little balls that make a captivating sound like a rain maker. It also has a suction base and is easy to take on-the-go. This is a great toy to work on visual tracking. Find it here


Musical Octopus

This toy is super fun because it is colorful and the tentacles are like an accordion making it a fun instrumental toy to practice grasping and squeezing. Find it here

Soft Play Books

Soft books are a great learning toy for baby. They are a unique texture with bright colors. They introduce baby to many everyday things like colors, shapes, foods, and more while being light and soft so they are easy to hold. Find them here


Final Thoughts 

These are our daughter’s favorite toys for learning and play and I hope you find this list to be helpful. Let me know if your child has tried and enjoyed any of these toys and please share any other favorites below! 





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